California Props

It was nice this week to see the tax & spend propositions here in California go down in flames.   Now maybe the Govenator and his Dem chronies will once and for all have to enact some meaningful budget reform in California.  This state has been a mess for years, with a number of causes. 

One of the big probelems is how we silly voters in California always used to fall for the propositions that set aside a percentage of the budget for schools.  While a noble goal, there’s a big problem, when revenues are good, all the money gets spent, BUT when times get tought, the union thugs scream because they don’t get all the money the got in the drunken sailor spending days.   Another problem is that we spend over $10 million a year on services for illegal immigrants, well there’s half the budget problem right there.   Then there’s the unions who basically control the state.  Because the weenie Republicans in this state agreed a number of years ago to a redistricting plan that let them have there safe seats, seats in the Assembly and Senate rarely change parties, so the Dems are left with a permanent majority (as a side note this should change with a ballot measure that we passed last November on redistricting).  The Democrats have one goal, pleaseing the union bosses, if the union bosses are unhappy with you Mr. Democrat, they’ll back someone to beat you in the primary.

Hopefully Californians have had enough of the games Sacramento plays, Tuesday was a good start.


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