To Close or Not Close

Interesting debate today between Obama and Cheney.  I give Cheney a lot of credit, he’s not letting Obama Bush Bash all over the place.  Mitt Romney had this to say:

It is laughable to suggest that Guantanamo is a meaningful aid in terrorist recruiting. Before Guantanamo came the first bombing of the World Trade Center, the bombing at Riyadh, the attacks on Khobar, the bombing of our embassies, the Cole. There will always be rallying cries for recruitment whether it is the existence of Israel or the freedoms enjoyed by Americans. Appeasement has not ever, does not now, and will never satisfy a foe who looks to destroy freedom and rule the world.

It’s pretty interesting, no one with any sense really wants Obama to close Gitmo,  I’m not even sure if Obama, now that he has been briefed on what Gitmo has really accomplished.  WHO KNOWS.  But he’s really all over the place and his press secretary is back tracking, making comments like closing Gitmo in a year was a hasty decision.


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