California & Gay Marriage

So the California Supreme Court has ruled on Prop 8.  I’m not really surprised at the outcome.  It was a bit of a stretch for the opponents of Prop 8 to claim that it wasn’t an effective amendment to the constitution because it altered it to such a degree that it changed it too dramatically.  If the opponents of Prop 8 are really upset, what they should do is protest the moron mayor of SF.  Prop 8 would have failed if Gavin Newsome hadn’t made is “whether you like it or not speech.”

The whole Prop 8 issue is very interesting.  I watched the film Milk over the weekend.  The movie was ok, but it was very enlightening.  The most interesting part of it was the defeat of Prop 6 in 1978, which was also known as the Briggs Initiative.  The Briggs Initiative was a California proposition which sought to fire any teacher who was found to be “advocating, imposing, encouraging or promoting” homosexual activity.   The interesting part that relates to Prop 8 is this, the opponents of Prop 6 mounted a campaign for homosexuals to come out of the closet to their friends, family & co-workers.  The theory being, if people know someone who is gay, they would be more likely to vote down Prop 6.  Prop 6 lost 58% to 41% despite all the pools before the election showing it winning.   Now look at Prop 8 which lost 52.24% to 47.76%, despite the polls showing it going the other way throughout most of the campaign.  The difference I think was the arrogant, loud mouth Newsome spouting off.

I think the yes on 8 people could have just played that over & over, it was very effective for one reason, it pissed people off!  To me that is the biggest reason why Prop 8 failed.


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