Iran: Ahmadinejad or Mousavi

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the recent Iranian presidential election and calls for support of Mousavi, While it is undisputed that Ahmadinejad is a very dangerous man who with the help of Ayatollah Khameini appears to be tryign to steal the election, it doesn’t really seem clear to me that Mousavi would open a path to a new more peaceful Iran.

It seems Mousavi is more moderate than Ahmadinejad, especially when it comes to the Holocaust.  But lets not forget that Mousavi was the Prime Minister of Iran from 1981 to 1989!  I’m not saying that we shouldn’t support free & open elections in Iran, we should, but from what I can tell, it doesn’t seem like Mousavi is Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe the people of Iran are ready for a new direction. Who knows.  But Iran is still an Islamic Republic with a Supreme Leader who is an extremist.  Could this be the start of something?  Remember, on the Soviet side, it took a Communist, Gorbachev, to start the process of ending the Soviet Union (no need to email me about how Reagen was responsible for the fall of the Evil Empire, I agree with that point in the sense that the U.S. presented outside forces which put internal pressure on the Communist government).


I just came an interesting piece (courtesy of a Tweet by Newt Gingrich).  He addresses my question here:

I think that many pundits insist on thinking about the Iran-that-was-five-days-ago, instead of the bubbling cauldron that it is today.  The same mistake is repeated when people say that Mousavi, after all, is “one of them,” a member of the founding generation of the Islamic Republic, and so you can’t expect real change from him.  The president made that mistake when he said that he didn’t expect any real difference in Iran’s behavior, no matter how this drama plays out.

I think that is wrong;  at this point, Mousavi either brings down the Islamic Republic or he hangs.  If he wins, and the Islamic Republic comes down, we may well see the whole world change, from an end of the theocratic fascist system, to a cutoff of money, arms, technology, training camps and intelligence to the world’s leading terrorist organizations, and yes, even to a termination of the nuclear weapons program.


2 responses to “Iran: Ahmadinejad or Mousavi

  1. Hell, no!

    the real problem is not Mousavi, Ahmdinejad or the presidency itself. The problem as I see it is the supreme leader. He seems to have un-checked power. He can say anything he wishes (it is all the Zionist’s fault, or the Western powers are provoking all of this, or any other insanity) and he can go on unchecked. He does not risk loosing popularity vote.

    The system is rotten and needs a reset. But Mousavi ain’t it.I am afraid Iranians and most of the world are in deep shit. There seems to be over-reliance on God. People forget that all the chaos and unfairness and lack of freedom is the people’s doing not God’s. Anyone seen God, BTW? Where the hell is he – people are getting shot and he is nowhere.

    Unfortunately my prognosis is bleak. Just want of freedom is not enough, there will be blood …

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