Boston Massacre Part 2?

Tuesday’s Senate special election in Massachusetts could be a huge turning point in the politics of our country at this time.

If Brown wins the seat, the same seat that has been held by a Kennedy since 1958 (with the exception of a 2 year period when JFK was elected president) that would be a political shake up for the ages.  Massachusetts, not exactly Texas when it comes to a conservative bastion, electing a conservative Republican? How in the world would the Dems spin that? How can you spin that?  A Brown win Tuesday will mean only one thing….the American people, even in Democratic controlled states DO NOT WANT THIS HEALTHCARE PLAN! Not just that, but the American people are tired of the hubris of Nancy, Barack & Harry, the unholy trio who want to completely take over the entire US economy.

I sure hope the people of Massachusetts are as smart as the polls suggest!


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