My personal reason why Obamacare must fail!

Yes healthcare is broken, but the fix is NOT government run healthcare.

My mother is currently hospitalized.  She has lymphoma, Lupus and another autoimmune disease as well.  She is currently being treated for some unknown lung infection.  At this time her doctors are not exactly sure what the infection is.  She was admitted Tuesday night, after being in the hospital for less than 48 hours, some administrator/social worker was telling her that they might have to release her because she wasn’t really actively being treated for anything; her medication is just in pill form & they could send her home with oxygen.  Each one of her doctors (4 all together) believe she should remain in the hospital.  Luckily the doctors decided to check on several other health issues she has and have scheduled a number of tests which should manage to stave off her discharge at least until next week.

President Obama and Democratic leaders in Congress like to rant about the evil insurance company executives, yet it isn’t some “evil” (Nancy Pelosi’s word) or “profit gouging” insurance company, it’s the Federal Government.  My mother is 75 years old and on Medicare, so the same government that want’s to kick her out of the hospital wants to take over the entire healthcare system in this country, preposterous!  In order for the doctors to be able to treat her unknown, undiagnosed illness, they had to run tests that weren’t even related to her lung condition.  The moronic policies of Medicare actually drive up the cost because doctors are forced to order tests just to keep a patient in the hospital.


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