GOP Senate Primary in CA…None Impress

So I listened to the three candidates for the GOP nomination here in California to bring down the nitwit lack of “intellectual firepower” Barbara Boxer.  To be honest, I still am not sure who I like.  Fiorina’s answers sounded like she was just arguing against Boxer, which I like on one level because too often Republicans destroy each other in primaries here in California and we end up with a weakened candidate to take on the Dems.

The downside I saw with DeVore is that his answers, in general, tended to be along the lines of “I’m conservative, I stand for liberty.”  What I really have in mind was their discussions of the TARP Bill, Fiorina & Campbell gave responses that showed me they are intelligent and have a grasp of complicated economic issues, DeVore’s answer did not.  I’m tired of having Republican candidates who just appear to be firebrands like Tom Delay or sound bite experts like Palin & Bush.  (As a side note Palin did endorse Fiorina.)

Campbell is playing off his “moderate” credentials, which I get, but not sure if he has the personality to get it  done against Boxer.  I understand the people who say: “don’t vote for someone just because they have a better chance to win.” But at the same time, wouldn’t ANY of the 3 GOP candidates be better than Botox Boxer?



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