Some Teachers ARE Money Grubbing Brats

I was having a discussion on Facebook with a friend, and one of her friends, a teacher, chimed in with this:

When I start getting paid PRIVATE SECTOR WAGES for my 50 – 60 hour work weeks, I’ll be happy to accept those “private sector benefits” (which, actually, are almost exactly what my union job provides me). 

It’s funny how conservatives keep saddling teachers with greater burdens while giving us fewer resources and then vilifying us when we can’t make the impossible commonplace. 

And let’s not pretend that incompetence in the private sector is rare. As far as I can tell, it’s commonplace and often highly rewarded. Companies whose CEOs mismanage them seldom fire the CEOs — instead, they fire the workers. If you want to know wht workers unionize, look no further than there.

I work damned hard for my students, all so that I can JUST afford a little, old two bedroom apartment, and I get MIGHTY tired of people who haven’t been in a public school in years attacking teachers for our supposed “greed” while the richest 2% of Americans whine about getting even MORE tax breaks.

What’s that tell you about teachers!  He completely ignored where I said:

I don’t have any problem with teachers or other state employees.. My problem is with those that run unions, their interest is protecting their own personal interest & power. I remember about 8-9 years ago their was a grocery strike & it came out that the president of the union who was “Fighting” for the poor workers, made over $300,000 per year! If these people REALLY gave a shit about working people they wouldn’t be doing that.


One response to “Some Teachers ARE Money Grubbing Brats

  1. Richard K. Chatman

    No, let’s call a spade a spade. ALL teachers are money grubbing brats! If they worked the full year, they’d be paid the same as doctors. Ever heard of a DOCTOR’S union? Nope, didn’t think so! Anyway, they’re too lazy to work more than the required 8 months out of the year. Besides, when the kids get out at 2:30 or 3:00 these slackers bolt to their homes like they were Olympic sprinters! Without a doubt, totally shameless behavior.

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