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I Love this Ad

I kept seeing this ad by Thomas Peterffy on CNN while watching Sandy Coverage.

I love how it’s just a guy who spent his own money because it’s something he believes in, ok true, he’s got a lot he can spend!  I thought it was funny that it was  on CNN during what had to be HUGE ratings for them & I bet he didn’t plan it that way, just lucked into it.


President Reagan on Challenger: 25 years ago

So sad when you compare this to Obama’s Tucson Pep Rally!

Damon Dunn for Secretary of State in CA, NO Crazy Ta

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!! Vote for Damon Dunn for California Secretary of State in the GOP Primary!!!!

We can’t have Orly Taitz represent the GOP.  This nutbag claims Dunn isn’t eligible to run either!

Please don’t legitimize this woman!!

The Environmentalists are to Blame for the Gulf Oil Spill!

I know that sounds odd, but yes, blame the environmentalists for the severity of the Gulf Oil spill.  If we were allowed to drill for all of the millions of barrels of oil that are right off our coasts, then we wouldn’t be forced to drill a mille deep into the ocean.  And capping a leak that is 100-500 feet under the sea is a hell of a lot easier to cap!

UPDATE: Read this about our oil reserves and this from the USGS.

GOP Senate Primary in CA…None Impress

So I listened to the three candidates for the GOP nomination here in California to bring down the nitwit lack of “intellectual firepower” Barbara Boxer.  To be honest, I still am not sure who I like.  Fiorina’s answers sounded like she was just arguing against Boxer, which I like on one level because too often Republicans destroy each other in primaries here in California and we end up with a weakened candidate to take on the Dems.

The downside I saw with DeVore is that his answers, in general, tended to be along the lines of “I’m conservative, I stand for liberty.”  What I really have in mind was their discussions of the TARP Bill, Fiorina & Campbell gave responses that showed me they are intelligent and have a grasp of complicated economic issues, DeVore’s answer did not.  I’m tired of having Republican candidates who just appear to be firebrands like Tom Delay or sound bite experts like Palin & Bush.  (As a side note Palin did endorse Fiorina.)

Campbell is playing off his “moderate” credentials, which I get, but not sure if he has the personality to get it  done against Boxer.  I understand the people who say: “don’t vote for someone just because they have a better chance to win.” But at the same time, wouldn’t ANY of the 3 GOP candidates be better than Botox Boxer?


Great So We Might Get a Birther as SOS???

Orly Taitz? Seriously?


Why is our Side so STUPID!

Look I am 100% in agreement that we need to drive these bastards out of office, but threats & crap like this?  That’s unacceptable:

A propane gas line at the Charlottesville home of Rep. Tom Perriello’s brother was severed Tuesday after a self-identified “tea party” activist posted what he believed to be the Virginia Democrat’s address on a Web site and urged opponents to “drop by” to convey their opposition to his yes vote on the health bill.

All this does is feed into the media’s bias, it lets them paint all Republicans as crazy, violent extremists.  And please, if you want to “drop by” to convey your opposition to a congressman, PLEASE do it at their office!!